On 17 May, experts will raise even more awareness of the importance of fighting hypertension, often called the “silent killer”.

Hypertension is a modern lifestyle-related disease. In addition to genetic factors, it can also be caused by a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, smoking, a high salt diet, chronic stress and alcohol. Persistent, untreated high blood pressure can damage blood vessels, cause thickening and stiffening of the blood vessel wall and accelerate the process of atherosclerosis. The most serious complications of hypertension are heart attack and stroke.

In Hungary, one in three people may be affected. The rate is even higher among people over 60, where it is the most common disease.

White coat syndrome in a doctor’s office

White coat syndrome is the term for when you get a high blood pressure reading in a doctor’s office and a normal reading at home. It is therefore a good idea to keep a blood pressure diary and to measure and record your blood pressure every day, preferably at the same time.  Not only for the group at risk – overweight people, smokers or have a family history of the condition – but also for others, it is advisable to have an annual check-up, as high blood pressure can initially appear asymptomatic.

Live better

Lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure. A diet low in salt, fat and carbohydrates, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption and stress, exercising regularly and stopping smoking can help, and lifestyle changes can also be made with the help of professionals. If lifestyle changes are not enough, medication may be needed to avoid more serious complications.

Prevention, screening, and lifestyle packages

The International Society of Hypertension first declared World Hypertension Day in 2005, almost twenty years ago. Every year on 17 May, professional programs, lectures and screenings are held all over the world, including Hungary, to raise awareness of the importance of prevention, reducing the progression of the disease and treatment.

HR-Pharma offers several lifestyle packages,  which can help you identify specific risk factors for the disease, so you can use the information to fight the „silent killer” more effectively.

Lifestyle package

Laboratory testing for metabolic syndrome

Laboratory testing for metabolic syndrome PLUS

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