Our Team

Our Team

Our colleagues with engagement contracts


Dr. Renáta Szabó

Head Of Laboratory, Validator

Dr. Éva Pap

Researcher, Professional Supervisor

István Lénárt

Our Team

Our self-employed colleagues with service agreements

Homolya Ernő
It Specialist

Ernő Homolya


Dr. Anikó Görbe

Occupational Healthcare

Dr. Kitti Bérces

Drávai Mónika
Cleaning Technician

Mónika Drávai

Pop Nikolett
Cleaning Technician

Nikolett Pop

Our Team

Professional consultants

External professional consultant
Dr. Kohán Laboratory

Dr. Imre Földesi

Total Headcount

Employees person
PhD, Biologist, Dr. Habil. 1
PhD, Biologist 4
PhD, Pharmacist 1
PhD, MD (internist, cardiologist) 1
MSC, Biologist 4
MSC, Biology-Chemistry Teacher 1
MSC, Biologist, PhD Student 1
MSC Biology, Bioengineer, BSc., 1
MSC, MD, Clinical Laboratory Examinations Specialist 1
MSC, Clinical Laboratory Researcher, Clinical Biochemist QE 1
BSC, Practising Clinical Laboratory Assistant 1
BSC, Laboratory Assistant 1
BSC, Law Enforcement; EMT 1
BSC, Physiotherapist 1
BSC, Geoscience 1
MSC, Spanish & English 1
High School Diploma 1
Total 26 fő