Cancer is one of the leading causes of death nowadays, accounting for nearly one in four deaths in Hungary. Cancer is a major public health problem; thus, the importance of prevention is need to be emphasized.

Among all cases of cancer, lung, colorectal, breast, and prostate cancer are the most common types of cancer. About 85-90% of cancers are caused by environmental and lifestyle factors, while genetic background is responsible for less than 10% of cancers. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet, physical inactivity and stressful lifestyles can all increase the risk of cancer.

Screening tests for early detection

Prevention, early detection of symptoms and timely diagnosis can be key factors in the fight against cancer.

Modern laboratory diagnostics can also be used for screening tests to detect early-stage cancers before the onset of symptoms; thus, it can improve the chance of a cure. Tumor markers are produced by cancer cells, can be detected in the blood, and their abnormal levels can raise the possibility of cancer. Tumor marker tests can indicate the onset, recurrence or metastasis of a disease up to several months earlier than imaging or clinical symptoms, and can help patients and their doctors not only to confirm the diagnosis but also to monitor therapy. Regular laboratory diagnostic monitoring is therefore recommended even if the patient has no symptoms.

Tumor marker tests can also indicate inflammatory processes in the body

Elevated levels of tumor markers may not only indicate cancer, as inflammatory processes in the body can also cause an increased tumor marker level. It is important to emphasize that any deviation from the normal value always gives a reason to carry out further medical tests. The final diagnosis should always be confirmed by imaging technology and consultation with a specialist.

HR-Pharma’s laboratory services include a range of tumor marker packages, with separate female and male complex packages as well as gynecological, gastrointestinal and lung tumor marker test packages. In addition, individual testing for different tumor markers is also available.

Our tumor marker tests:

Tumor marker tests for men
Tumor markers of the male reproductive system
Tumor markers of the digestive system
Tumor markers of the respiratory system
Tumor marker tests for females
Tumor markers of the female reproductive system

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