A healthy woman experiences more than 450 periods in her lifetime. There is hardly a woman who does not experience menstrual disorders during these periods. This can be caused by hormonal problems, chronic inflammation, PCOS, insulin resistance, hypothyroidism or even excessive stress.

What are the warning symptoms?

Menstrual disorders occur when there is irregularity in the monthly period or when menstruation is abnormal. The abnormalities can affect the amount and duration of menstrual bleeding or even the absence or frequency of menstrual periods. These symptoms may be accompanied by pain (headaches, abdominal cramps), mood swings and weight fluctuations. If you notice severe and unusual complaints, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

A careful medical examination and laboratory tests

In addition to gynecological examinations, it is often necessary to consult an endocrinologist to diagnose and effectively treat menstrual disorders. Laboratory tests are also an important part of the specialist examination.

HR-Pharma’s services include the Health screening package PLUS for women, the Laboratory testing of female sex hormones and the PCOS laboratory package, which can help the work of a specialist. All our laboratory tests are also suitable for monitoring. Lab results are sent to patients by email within 24 hours.

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Health screening package PLUS for women
Laboratory testing of female sex hormones 1 (Day 3-5)
Laboratory testing of female sex hormones 2 (Day 21-23)
PCOS laboratory package