Before becoming pregnant, it is worth clarifying whether toxoplasmosis could put the fetus at risk

Mothers planning to have a baby usually do everything to deliver a healthy baby. Sometimes, the threat to the fetus is insidious and often goes unnoticed, but a serological blood test can detect if someone is protected against the dangerous toxoplasmosis infection.

Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by a single-cell parasite. Symptoms typically occur in only 10-20% of cases in people with healthy immune system and may include swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck, fever, sore throat, difficulty swallowing. Additionally, a weakened body can also develop severe meningitis or encephalitis. The fetus of a mother infected during pregnancy or immediately before pregnancy, neurological, visual and hearing disorders may occur.

The most common carrier is the cat

It is estimated that four out of ten mothers affected by toxoplasmosis may also have the disease in the fetus. This is particularly dangerous if the mother becomes infected in the three months before conception or in the last trimester of pregnancy.

A serological blood test can determine whether and when the person has been infected with the pathogen. If immune antibodies can be detected in the mother’s blood, the likelihood of reinfection is very low. The main carrier of the pathogen is the domestic cat, which sheds the parasite in its feces. People usually become infected when they consume food or drink that is contaminated with the pathogen and not properly heated.

If there is no protection, precaution is important.

Prevention is particularly important during pregnancy. Eat well-prepared, well-cooked and well-done meals – this is not the time to order raw or medium-rare steaks – and avoid salads that are difficult to wash and clean, and fruit that falls on the floor. Avoid not only cat litter but also direct contact with cats, and generally follow basic hygiene rules.

Serological tests are used to detect antibodies circulating in the blood. HR-Pharma’s basic test provides information about the current infection and its progression. Serology package PLUS for toxoplasmosis shows when the mother was infected. Depending on the result, the doctor may ask for further tests or a new sample.

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