There are many people who start out with great enthusiasm to achieve their New Year’s resolutions, but soon lose motivation because they set too high expectations for themselves. Suddenly, overnight, they expect spectacular change, which, if not achieved, leads to disappointment and then, in a short time, to giving up. So it is with our health.

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, let’s resolve to make our vision a reality. If we want to feel better and live a more active life, one of the best resolutions we can make is to turn to a healthier lifestyle in 2024. However, choice of a healthier lifestyle is not about making drastic changes. Real change happens in small but regular steps. Strive for balance and gradualness, and listen to your body: what feels good, how good it feels, what energizes you and makes you feel positive, both physically and mentally.

What small steps should we incorporate into our daily lives to improve our health? We’ve put together some tips:

Balanced diet

Try to eat quality food, avoid fast and processed foods and make sure you get the vitamins you need.

Regular physical exercise

You don’t have to start a strenuous exercise right away! Just start by including regular exercise in your weekly or daily routine, and just 20 minutes of intense walking a day can go a long way to keeping you healthy.

Quality sleep time

Try to provide conditions that promote restful and sufficient sleep. Instead of a telephone or television, create a harmonious and relaxing environment at least 30 minutes before bedtime! Turn off bright lights, listen to meditation music or drink a warm cup of tea.

Stress management

Let’s find out which method can help you relieve stress during the year. This could be regular meditation or walking, but you can also learn different breathing techniques. Additionally, regular exercise can also help you to manage your stress.


Make sure you drink enough water every day. For adults, even in winter, this means at least 2 liters of water a day, preferably non-carbonated and unflavored water.

Regular screening tests

Don’t forget about screening tests and physical examination. Even if you are asymptomatic, it is recommended that you have at least one laboratory test every year to get a comprehensive picture of your body’s current health. If you notice symptoms, it is worth booking an appointment immediately and getting medical help and laboratory tests to investigate the causes of the symptoms. For some diseases, screening and early diagnosis can save lives.

Fresh air

Spend time outdoors, let’s take a trip, and take full advantage of opportunities arise in nature. Recharge outside the city, preferably as much as possible in 2024.

Volunteering and positive relations

Active community experiences and positive human relationships can have a very positive impact on mental and spiritual well-being. Organize regular activities with your family and friends, find ways to be an active member of your community, sign up for courses and community activities according to your interests and age group.

A healthier lifestyle is not just a pledge, but a long-term commitment to ourselves and our well-being.

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