Hepatitis – four fifths of infected people do not even think they are carrying the pathogen

Acute or chronic inflammatory diseases of the liver are mainly caused by viruses. As many infected people can be asymptomatic for years, the best way to detect the infection is by viral serological testing. It can facilitate early diagnosis and treatment, thereby reducing the risk of more serious complications and transmission.

What is the difference between each hepatitis virus?

Hepatitis A is mainly caused by poor hygiene, while hepatitis B is typically transmitted through blood, blood products, non-sterile equipment and sexual contact. Vaccines are available against both viruses. The C virus is typically transmitted by sharing an infected needle, while hepatitis D can attack the body if a person has also been infected with hepatitis B virus, as the virus can hide in protein coat. Hepatitis E virus can usually be found in areas where people come into contact with contaminated water. Chronic disease is caused by types B, C and D, and the latent disease can remain hidden in the body for years.

Increased mortality rate

The WHO estimates that there are around 400 million people infected with hepatitis B and 170 million infected with hepatitis C worldwide, while in Hungary nearly 100,000 people are affected. According to the latest data, the mortality rate has increased: while in 2019, 1.1 million people worldwide died from different forms of hepatitis – 83% from hepatitis B and 17% from hepatitis C – this number will rise to 1.3 million by 2022.

Blood tests, vaccination

It’s important to know that the most effective protection against the most infectious virus B is vaccination. For 25 years, every 7th grade primary school student in Hungary has received the so-called campaign vaccination. The virus in the body can be detected by a blood test.

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Serology package for hepatitis infection

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