Infectious agents, injuries, internal or external harm: these can all trigger inflammation and immune activation, and lab results are a good reflection of what is happening in your body.

Symptoms of inflammation may include fever, pain, swelling, loss of function or organ damage, or redness of an area. It is important to note that these symptoms do not always occur together. Moreover, other symptoms may also occur, such as coughing in the case of bronchitis, or oozing or discharge in the case of sores. If the whole body is affected, there may also be a feeling of tiredness, loss of appetite or weakness.

Since inflammation typically affects an internal organ, it is not always possible to determine the presence of inflammation by palpation, visual inspection or physical examination. A blood test can help, as in the acute phase of the disease, proteins accumulate in the blood and their elevated levels can indicate a problem.

CRP levels can increase up to a hundredfold

Elevated levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) laboratory parameter may indicate the presence of inflammation, as it can be up to ten or a hundred times higher than normal. As fast as serum levels increase in the presence of inflammation, they fall as fast as the adverse condition is treated. Because CRP levels are not necessarily elevated just because of inflammation, other tests may be needed. It should be noted that the normal range of CRP may vary from method to method and from laboratory to laboratory, so always refer to the laboratory’s reference values.

Other parameters indicating inflammation

Another non-specific parameter indicative of inflammation is the erythrocyte sedimentation, whose elevated value may indicate the presence of inflammation or infection in the body. An abnormality in the blood count may also indicate the presence of infection or inflammation in the body, as in such cases the white blood cell count is elevated. In the case of chronic inflammation, blood ferritin levels also increase and may also be present in the laboratory report.

Targeted laboratory tests

HR-Pharma offers special packages that provide laboratory results that can help to make a more accurate diagnosis and confirm or exclude the presence of inflammation in the body in the case of the above symptoms.

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