In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, issues and problems related to our health are often pushed to the background, even though health is a fundamental value of human life that cannot be replaced by anything else.

Many chronic diseases can be prevented if people are aware of them early enough to make lifestyle changes or seek appropriate treatment. Screening is an important tool for prevention.

Time is a crucial factor in the treatment and recovery process.

In the following post, five important points are gathered about screening tests.

  1. The risk of diseases increases with age, so it is important to take part in public health screening. Additionally, regular laboratory diagnostic tests at least once a year are also important for prevention, especially in case of family history of certain diseases. These are cardiovascular diseases, stroke and diabetes, in which screening tests can help in early detection.
  2. If the patient has a medical history that may increase the risk of developing serious diseases, regular screening is also crucial.
  3. The most common screening tests recommended by doctors related to diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, various cancer screenings, obesity, liver and kidney health and osteoporosis. Many diseases can be detected at an early stage. If an abnormal condition is detected early, treatment can start earlier. This can be a more effective therapy, which can improve the chance of a full and quick recovery.
  4. A negative result relieves potential anxiety and worry.
  5. The majority of laboratory tests are performed from blood samples. Blood sampling is a simple and time-saving procedure. Read more about this in our previous post.

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