Title: Technological renewal at HR-Pharma Ltd.
Grant intensity: 70 %
Duration: 01/09/2020 – 30/08/2021
Completion date of the project: 30/08/2021

Grant amount: HUF 14 492 930

HR-Pharma Research, Development, Consulting and Service Ltd. has won a grant of HUF 14 492 930 under the call for proposals “Support for the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to adapt to modern business and production challenges” announced by the Ministry of Finance as the Promoter within the framework of the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Program. The subsidy rate is 70 %. The aim of the investment is to create the necessary material conditions for Hungarian R&D companies to carry out special microbiological, immunological, enzyme, toxicological and metabolic tests. The development allows the storage of received food samples (ultra-low temperature refrigerator), sample preparation (weighing scale, homogenization kit). Primary analysis of the samples can be performed with the new high-resolution microscope kit, while enzyme and metabolic analysis with the Elisa reader. Precision of measurements can be achieved with the new automated washing machine, while specific toxicological, microbiological and immunological measurements can be performed with the Vidas device. The acquisition of these instruments enables HR-Pharma Ltd. to meet a wide range of complex testing needs in the food industry. Counterparties and the high level of expertise of employees in pharmaceutical testing could lead to orders in new market segments, which can stabilize the company’s position.

Instrumentation purchased under the GINOP-1.2.8-20-2020-03835 grant